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hornich10000.cz, Kobližná 19, 602 00 Brno

5th floor, room 505




AGENTUR PAZDERA, Kreuzplatz 20, CH-8008 Zürich

counseling company of the Czech embassy in Switzerland



tel.: +420 774 103 345


tel.: (+41) 44 / 933 07 33

Fax: (+41) 44 / 932 52 03



Our services :

- consulting (the first consulting session is free of charge) in Zurich (CH) and Brno (CR) on establishing companies in Switzerland and launching products to the Swiss market.

- mediating: if you are interested in a Swiss product, we can arrange your meeting with the producer or the dealer.

- publishing the sale of your property (a factory, a block of flats, a golf course etc.) free of charge** at our webpage and informing the members of the Diamond Bridge Club.

** negotiation necessary





We look for:

- companies worth over 10 mil. EUR

- luxurious hotels and other hotels of higher quality

- working factories priced at over 3.5 mil. EUR

- estates for big investment constructions

- family houses, villas



New in our offer:

- an office block in Prague (CZ)



The Swiss Confederation


The country where a handshake is as good as a contract, puncuality is a matter of fact and timetables are kept. The country with stable economy and safe investments.


Switzerland – the country where there’s nothing to worry about.





Take a flight over Switzerland (video)





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